Building software applications by understanding and solving business problems!

Andrew Marcinkevičius

Web Developer & Consultant

Focus on solving business problems through product and process innovation.

"There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which shouldn't be done at all" - Peter Drucker

Too often I encounter businesses which suffer from "feature creep" - in order to solve a problem they build another feature, without solving the root cause of the problem in the existing product or process.

The result? A lot of money and time being wasted building features no one wants, or which don't improve bottom-line revenues and users for the business.

I am best at solving these underlying problems and building a scalable architecture on top.

My philosophy is to work smarter, not just harder. If something isn't important, eliminate it. If it can be done better by someone else, delegate it. Everyone should be doing what he or she is best at.

I'm a big believer in Open-Source and knowledge sharing. I'm a contributor to the Symfony framework, Behat, phpspec & several other open-source projects. See my GitHub profile and blog [ 1, 2, 3 ].

Personally I have strong values which I believe make me a better version of myself. I strongly believe in daily incremental personal improvement - make sure you're a better person day by day - never stop learning!

Some of those values are:

  • transparency and sincerity (don't lie, don't hide things, don't be afraid of the truth);
  • learning / self-improvement (you learn most outside of your comfort zone); [ 1, 2, 3 ]
  • well-being ("Mens sana in corpore sano" - you produce the best work with a healthy mind and body); [ 1, 2, 3 ]
  • servitude (helping others provides more happiness than helping yourself);
  • gratitude (to appreciate what you have);
  • empathy (learn to understand others, and that everyone is having as rich a human experience as you. This helps in doing good and feeling good. I feel travel is important in cultivating my empathy); [ 1, 2 ]
  • minimalism / frugality (focus on what is important); [ 1 ]

You can read more about my personal experiences, thoughts, values and my technical thoughts on my blog.

Road-mapping session

With each project, before we start coding, we do an extensive road-mapping session in which we define S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) goals for the project.

It is important to define these goals beforehand and to do so based on user behavior and data, as it is more costly in terms of time and money to change the specs once defined.

We continuously and automatically test the developed features to make sure the application behaves properly, and to catch any bugs early. We operate as a lean team, this way we minimize delays and cost.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”
~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

My focus is on solving your problems in the most resource and time efficient manner, with special attention to scalability, security and performance.

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Audrius Ringaila profile image for testimonial

Audrius Ringaila

CEO & Co-Founder of Keenjar Inc.

“Andrew helped us to bring our vision of education to a tangible application. When we were not available to give feedback he made the important judgments often wowing us with results. It made us at ease knowing that our project was in trustworthy & professional hands”

Domas Juskys profile image for testimonial

Domas Juskys

COO & Co-Founder of Keenjar Inc.

“Andrew took care of the technical side of our project. Whenever we came with complex requirements, he always came back with possible solutions. Not only he took care of the technical problems, but also helped us with business problems providing feedback on what to focus on and new approaches to solutions. It was great working with someone who is invested in your success as much as you”

Steve Parrett profile image for testimonial

Steve Parrett

Sports Application/Project Manager

“Andrew prides himself on delivering high quality work and ensures to use best coding practices. We worked together for 2 years and I always knew he will deliver an exceptional application”

Jonas Tirevičius profile image for testimonial

Jonas Tirevičius

Director at ZET

“A fast learner and not afraid to take new challenges. I was always confident giving Andrew complex problems knowing that he will come up with a solution. One way or another. It was a pleasure working together”

Rytis Tirevičius profile image for testimonial

Rytis Tirevičius


“It was a pleasure to work together. Andrew is constantly thinking about optimizations and improvements. His focus is to solve problems and he doesn't allow small issues to stop him moving towards the goal”

Jolanta Latakienė profile image for testimonial

Jolanta Latakienė

Project Manager at Krizių įveikimo centras

“We had a lot of ideas about how to get more clients, but it was hard to choose what is important. Andrew helped us to find those which are most valuable so we could focus on them”


I help my clients solve process and product problems in a scalable way.

Developing software and business processes with fundamental flaws is costly in terms of time and money, and highly de-motivating for everyone involved.

By clearly communicating and looking at root-causes as well as user behavior and data, we make a roadmap of what exactly is needed to bring the business to the next level.

In terms of programming, most of the work I do is on the back-end, making sure all parts of an application communicate correctly with each other and with external applications, and to make sure data moves and is stored correctly. I use a variety of frameworks, no one size fits all - when planning a project we will determine the best tools for the job on a case by case basis.

Most of the projects I work on are non-public and/or under NDA, so I cannot share all details, although I am happy to share contact information of previous clients for references on request.

Keenjar (

Online learning platform

Automatic encoding, processing and secure distribution of video content

Private (messages) & public (comments, reviews, chat) communication for community building

    1-on-1 training
Receive feedback from the teacher to jump your skill to the next level

Application was built using PHP, HTML5/CSS3, Amazon Web Services, MySQL, Yii framework

Other projects

Document submission application

This was a project for a government agency.

It allowed the clients of the agency to submit documents without having to queue, thus saving them time.

The app checked automatically if submissions were correct (saving everyone weeks of delay).

Agency workers didn't need to do time consuming form validation anymore (saving hours of time a day).

This application was built using PHP, HTML/CSS, Oracle database, Yii framework and a custom integration with the national authentication services of the country.

Inventory system integration

I created an integration between the custom inventory system & online shop for a multi-million dollar company.

After the integration the online shop was taking care of inventory, orders and reservations automatically, without requiring any human interaction - thus saving the company a lot of money by automating manual workflow.

It also increased sales by allowing customers to see which products were available in real time.

This integration used PHP, MySQL and a SOAP web service integration to an existing e-shop.

Sports Coaching application (SaaS)

This was an application to automate many of the manual tasks teams were doing with pen and paper - including tracking performance statistics for individual athletes and team health tracking.

This saved the team significant amounts of time and money, and boosted performance through superior analytics and insights from data over time, which previously were hard to extract from the paper-based data forms.

Players were able to continue with their training on tours as their training sessions were available on their mobile devices. Automated surveys on athlete's wellbeing powered a custom-training creation tool.

The performance of teams improved greatly, enabling them to win more games.

This was one of my larger projects. I built the application using PHP, HTML5/CSS3, Amazon Web Services, MySQL, Yii framework and a RESTful API. Everything was built from scratch, and once the product achieved market fit I stepped into a temporary-CTO role managing up to 5 developers at a time.

Insurance calculator

This automatic insurance price calculator built on top of a risk analysis tool allowed the insurance company employees to offer quotes faster than ever before.

Customers received a quicker and better quality customer support, improving sales conversion and customer retention rates.

This improved customer satisfaction and lifetime value.

I built this custom calculator model using PHP, HTML/CSS and CMSMS (CMS Made Simple).

Ticket distribution application

This online ticket booking platform allowed customers to buy tickets online from an event organizer.

The application took care of ticket management and attendee analytics, saving the client time and enabling them to focus on other aspects of their business (such as organizing the actual event, and marketing to drive sales).

This application was built from scratch by me (in collaboration with a designer), using PHP, HTML/CSS, MySQL and the CakePHP framework.

Warehouse management application

Managers don't have to spend time on-site to overview the status of their orders. They are able to check & update their orders from any place where they have internet connection by using the app.

This was a relatively straight-forward application built using PHP, HTML/CSS and MySQL.

Transport companies can pre-book and schedule loading/unloading so as to minimize queuing.

This application saved more than 750 man-hours per month, saving the business 6500+ euros monthly.

Skills & technologies

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Reasons you might need my help

No Backups

Would your business survive the loss of all your users data due to a bug or breach?

This is the risk you take without having secure backups - both of user data and of code.

I can help you create an automated backup system which safely stores your users' data.

Non-Optimized Infrastructure

Are you spending more on developers and hosting each and every month, without measurable improvements?

Chances are you might be suffering from non-optimized infrastructure in the foundation of your application.

Optimization will speed up your application and can save you tens of thousands of dollars over time.

Manual Tasks

Are you repeating the same tasks over and over again?

Automate your workflow to save time and money for your business.

Go have a cup of tea & relax. Most manual tasks can be automated with software - but don't automate before you have experienced the need for automation (validate before you build)!

Feature Creep

Are you adding new features and still not getting customers (or their money)?

You might be building something no one needs, or for which no market exists.

Focus on features which will bring revenue and users, and validate continuously.

I can help identify "feature creep" and help you implement a routine of human centered design and behavior driven development so you won't build before validation again.

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